Fitness Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

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  1. If you’re not doing hills, you should. Work more muscles with every stride, plus less impact on your legs and knees.
  2. Do quick ab exercises in between sets to keep your body moving and your workout efficient.
  3. Change it up with mixed grip on your next deadlift or pull-up, one palm forward, the one back. Switch on each set.
  4. No need to do shrugs. Good shoulder workouts should hit your traps. Focus on something else like shoulder press.
  5. When training, five 30min. sessions are better than two 90min. sessions. Strive for frequency, not length.
  6. The scale may not be doing you justice, if you’re losing fat and gaining muscle. Take measurements to see inches lost.
  7. A daily 30min. brisk walk will burn around 1500cals every week. Over 6 months this totals 39,000cals or 11lbs. of fat.
  8. Fill your freezer! Frozen seafood is as good as fresh, in fact most fresh seafood is defrosted before being sold to you.
  9. Strive to drink 96oz. of Water per day; water helps you feel full and keeps your cells healthy.
  10. You can’t out train a poor diet, Dedicate time to precooking healthy meals at home that you can take with you on the go.
  11. Trying to lose fat? A muscle-building program that includes 8-12 reps with more than 3 sets is ideal to burn fat.
  12. Strength training that uses high intensity and is made up of compound lifts is superior to aerobic exercise for fat loss.
  13. Squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench and overhead press, lunges, and rows should make up the core of your training.
  14. A daily 30min brisk walk will burn around 1500cals every week. Over 6 months this totals 39000cals or 11lbs of fat.
  15. Work on balance! Weight training each side of the body separately can help even out imbalances.
  16. Milk is a good source of both whey & casein proteins. Try a glass of skim or 1% when you’re out of protein powder.

Hard Work + Dedication = Results Always.

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