On a scale of 1-5, with 5 denoting the best, Ron West rates more than a 5! Ron is a caring, empathetic, compassionate, motivational, energetic, positive and informative trainer ... and more. He's got what everyone needs in a trainer! He always mixes up the exercises so you are never bored. In fact, I sometimes think he stays up late dreaming of "unique", yet beneficial exercises for his clients so that you will feel muscles you didn't know you had. When you are sweating or thinking of giving up, he comes out with one of his favorite sayings, "Hey, it's all about YOU!" He is there to help you reach your goal, whether it is weight loss, body toning, conditioning, etc., all in a friendly and safe manner. Most importantly, in addition to being a top level professional, Ron is a true gentleman.

- Diana



    Just a note to express my sincerest appreciation for what you have done in my life.  I have not only lost 35 pounds, but through your total fitness program, I have been able to keep most of it off.  Your positive attitude towards life and health has inspired me to live and maintain a better, healthier lifestyle.  Thanks so much!

~ Earl



    My friend was always posting pictures of her workouts with Ron West on facebook and on a whim, I messaged him really with the intention of asking for advice, not expecting to necessarily start any sort of training.  He immediately took interest in my story and I could tell he had a real desire to see me succeed, even though he had never met me.
    My first workout in one word? Insane.  I don’t think I could walk normally for about 6 days, and by the time I was able to move again, it was time for the next week’s workout.  As the weeks went on and I got stronger,  Ron would give me an exercise to do, and I would laugh and say, “remember the first day you had me do this?” I could see the improvement each week.  I actually looked forward to feeling those 2-3 days of soreness after the workout because it was a reminder of how hard I worked.
    Training with Ron, you really will feel like you have the best trainer in the world.  He has you do things that you never see any of the other trainers do.  Ron comes up with these crazy exercises that make you feel so strong and fit, you hope every person in the gym stops what they’re doing to watch (and some probably do!)  One day a woman came up to Ron in the middle of our workout and said, “I was watching you kill this poor girl and I was thinking, ‘she must be really fit!’”  I considered that one of the best compliments I could have ever received.
    Most recently, I ran that same 10 miler race I had run a year before.  Since training with Ron, I knocked almost 25 minutes off my time.  25 minutes!  The final mile of the race I could hear Ron’s voice pushing me for the last mile.  Ron has showed me what it means to push yourself beyond what your brain thinks you are capable of.  You are much stronger than you think.  I’m thankful to Ron for helping me find that in myself!

- Dana



      In January of 2011, I realized that I needed to shed many unwanted holiday pounds.  I realized that working in an office made the battle to lose weight difficult due to the fact that there were always birthday celebrations, staff lunches and candy dishes on every desk providing daily temptations.  I decided that if I wanted to lose the weight, there could be a way to make it more interesting.   So, on January 19th, I started the biggest loser program at my office…I had no idea what I was in for!!!
      Once, I had my first weigh-in, I realized that this was going to be a harder battle than I expected, but that was okay, I loved competition.  Besides, as for my background, I was no stranger to working out.  I had participated in boot camp, taken Ron’s kickboxing class for years and even had training sessions with Ron weekly.  I was by no means (in my head) overweight, just had some extra pounds to shed.
      I went to Ron and explained to him my biggest loser project.  I told him how badly I wanted to win and his exact words were “You are going to kill this!”.  Talk about the inspiration I needed.  I began training with Ron three times a week and following all his nutritional advice.   It really is amazing, a few tweaks to my workout and diet and the results…..at the end of the 8 week competition, not only was I the biggest loser winner, I was also 18 pounds lighter.  I have never felt so accomplished in my entire life and I owe it to Ron.  My body fat percentage had dropped 7 percent and gained 4 percent in my muscle mass.  I looked and felt amazing.  My new goal is to lose another ten pounds using Ron’s simple formula that all people have trouble following.  Eat right, exercise more!!!  No crash or fad diets necessary!  
     The work was extremely hard, but it is incredible to have a trainer that truly cares and shares your goals with you.  If you want results, Ron is with you all the way.  He pushes you beyond what you ever thought was possible.  So many days, I wanted to quit, but his voice always telling, “You’re doing so great, you are going to win this thing”.  Somehow, you fight past the tiredness.   When he gives you a nutritional plan to follow, you immediately see the results.  Also, he is always there to answer any questions you have so you now exactly what you are putting into your body.  I cannot say enough about Ron, except that through training with him, you become a stronger, more motivated person.  You begin to look forward to stepping on the scale and watching the numbers drop.  
     My competition is over, but my journey with a healthy lifestyle is just beginning and it is all thanks to Ron.  
- Tara

 I still remember the first day I sat down with Ron to discuss my ultimate goals for the training I was about to embark on.  He said to me, “If you are serious about this, and want to see results, then you need to follow the plan and I know you can do this.”  Determined to shed some extra weight I somehow managed to add, Ron told me that half the battle was the food I was eating and the portions; and not to worry about the rest, that his training routine would take care of it all.  Needless to say, I have not only reached my goal, but succeeded it, and did so slowly, and consistently.  
I train with Ron once a week, but these sessions are more intense and tough on my body than any other exercise, and it’s all worth it.  I have increased endurance, stamina, and muscle while decreasing body fat.   The one thing I will say is that the training is real hard but Ron does not allow me to give up.  He pushes me to my limit and then next time we meet he adds on more weight and tells me I can do it!  He works on the areas that need additional improvement and sometimes before I notice it, the change has already taken place.  
In the end, I have followed Ron’s guidance, and in the process asked lots of questions – about the meal plans and the exercises.  Determination + a great trainer = SUCCESS!   Seeing these results has now left me wanting to set more goals!  Time will only tell what is next for me.
- Jess



My wife and I have had him as our trainer for about 18 months.  Ron is a trainer like the Secretary of State is a secretary.  Ron is very conscientious about his business and has the insight needed to provide training that is well adapted to the customer.  When you use Ron as your trainer, you get service an order of magnitude higher than you might expect.  Ron has a good personality and good character and also provides training to some other trainers.  Since we have been training with Ron, we have lost a lot of weight, increased in strength, and also increased our cardio vascular strength.  If anyone would like to ask a question, they are invited to contact me as shown below.

-- Russell Smith, 703-689-9600, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As a personal trainer and Holistic Nutritional Consultant, being 45 pounds overweight is not a business asset. My sudden weight gain and physical inactivity were both due to very human events we all face, but I allowed negative happenings to overwhelm me. In order to find fitness once again, I reconnected with Ron (we met professionally five years prior) because I knew he was the best in the business. We began with activities I enjoy most – working the boxing bag – and as my fitness and enthusiasm increased, so did the variety of exercises. Ron’s expertise in personal training, coupled with my knowledge of food and eating patterns, had me toned, at my ideal weight, and with the energy I had as a 20 year old within only six months! He is a professional; his no-nonsense approach, along with a bit of humor, will help those who are serious about training get into shape – no question. I recommend him to all those who are looking to get fit.

– Carol Steele, PT, NC

Serving in the military makes you constantly aware of your physical fitness level and your weight, what with twice-yearly physical fitness tests (consisting of sit-ups, push-ups, and 1.5 mile run) and maximum weight-for-height standards.  After being at the maximum allowable weight for my height for several years, I decided to get serious about my diet and exercise.  While I was definitely exercising, I wasn’t doing the right combination of exercises and I wasn’t eating as healthfully as I thought I was.  I had been taking Ron’s Cardio Kickboxing class for almost a year when I learned that he is also a Personal Trainer.  I knew his intensely rigorous and almost militaristic style of teaching would be a perfect fit with my background.  I wanted a trainer who would push me to push myself and not stand around chit-chatting.  After over a year and a half of Ron’s training and guidance, I am well below my maximum allowable weight-for-height standard and have been performing to the highest level on the twice-yearly physical fitness tests.  The potential had always been there, but I needed an exceptional Personal Trainer like Ron to help me realize it.                                 

– Jennifer E. Cline, LT

For past 5 years I have struggled with my weight. I had tried everything and anything!! Weight Watchers, South beach diet - I'd lose a few pounds, and then the weight would come crashing back. I had given up and within no time I realized that I was 160lbs. One day I took a decision to do something about it. I joined Fitness First, which is where I attended Ron's kickboxing class. I was so impressed with the rigorous workout and was all determined to get back in shape. However, at that time I didn't know that he was a personal fitness trainer as well. My goal was to find a trainer who would listen to me, understand my needs and focus their attention on how to best generate and motivate the changes I've always wanted to make. One of my colleagues referred Ron's name to me. After my first meeting with Ron, I felt comfortable and excited to begin this life-changing program with him. I can't say enough about Ron. Ron is the BEST personal trainer I've ever worked with. With his own unique style and personality, he pushes you to your outer limits. When I first started working with Ron, I told him that my goal to shed at least 20-30lbs. He created a great workout that is beneficial, enduring, rigorous and tiring. He gave me a personalized food journal and knowledge to help me reach my goals and within 2 weeks I could see the difference. After almost 10 months I have lost 48lbs and never felt better. Every week I look forward for his workout as well as kickboxing class. Ron has not only helped me achieve my goal but also made me to enjoy working out. Working out with Ron is like an addiction, even my husband trains with him now. All I can say to Ron is "Thank You". I strongly recommend Ron West to anyone who is determined, willing to put out the effort and have fun at the same time.

– Keerti

I am 64 years old and I have lost over 25 lbs. in the last six months. Not coincidentally, this is the period where I have had Ron West as my personal trainer. I approached taking on a trainer with some trepidation. At my age I wondered whether I was taking on too much. But, through great advice about diet and an exercise regimen developed by Ron, I am in better shape than I was 20 years ago. "It's all about you", Ron will say as I groan through a series of repetitions."Ah, it's heaven now" as he brings down the weights by 10 lbs. And most importantly, "You always have five more in you" as I am about to quit my reps. Getting old is not for sissies. But, working with a trainer as professional and personable as Ron, it sure is more pleasurable and rewarding.

 – George Melnykovich

 A trainer that is focus on your exercise and diet! Ron West is that person. If you have the desire and a goal of losing weight, toning up, or training for an event Ron will be right there giving you the encouragement and the results. I gave a 100 % in my training and so did Ron! I achieve my goal with Ron's help. Ron is a fantastic trainer and person.

– Tammy J. Goswick

 Ron pushes you to limits you did not know were possible. When you think you can't do anymore he is able to motivate you to go to the next step. It is obvious he truly cares about your personal results and wants you to be the best you possibly can be. His passion for his clients and dedication to fitness are contagious which is why I actually look forward to working out. I can honestly say I have reached personal fitness goals that I would never have been able to achieve with out Ron's guidance.

– Alicia Burns

 Ron is a no-nonsense trainer. If you do exactly what he tells you to do, you will slim down and shape up in no time. At 50, I'm stronger and healthier than I ever was in my 30s and 40s, thanks to Ron. You get your money's worth. There's no playing around with the weights while you chat about your day with the trainer. He will tailor a challenging program just for you that targets your weaknesses and your problem spots. He's the best.

– Karen Hinton

 "Training with Ron becomes a lifestyle change not because he makes you, but because you want to make that commitment. You feed off his energy, are driven by his motivation and realize that in the end you will see positive changes because he always delivers results"

– Kimberly Belaunde

"I have had several trainers over the past decade or so. With a very stressful position, career wise, I very much enjoy a truly challenging and rewarding workout agenda. Only Ron has delivered what I feel is a program that pushes me beyond what I felt were my limitations. He pushes hard but gives you confidence and exceeds expectations with effective results. I look forward to each session as they are always wonderfully creative and ever changing."

– Robin A. Meyers

“Before I joined RUSH Fitness, my weight loss hit a plateau. I didn't think I could reach my goal weight. That was before Ron brought me to the promise land! With Ron's program I have lost more pounds and inches than ever before. RUSH Fitness has pushed me to the limit and beyond.”

– Nichole Chen

As a new mom, I was challenged to lose the pregnancy weight and get back into shape. After I started training with Ron, I am very happy with the results. Ron is very professional, dedicated and a great motivator. He is by far the best trainer I have ever had.

– Nichole

Ron is great; he constantly pushes me beyond what I think I can do. And when I first saw the results, it changed how I look at fitness, health, and my own physical and mental strength. I really look forward to training with him and taking his boot camp class. I know he's going to make the most of my time and I'm going to get a great workout.

– Melinda

Ron West is not only an exceptional physical trainer, but also a really great person. Personal trainers are there to coach you through your workouts, but Ron takes this philosophy one step further and creates opportunity for his clients by providing tips, tricks, and additional outlets for improving your overall physical and mental health. Ron will get you motivated enough to WANT to workout at 5:30 AM through his sheer excitement and energy for life - he did it for me! THAT's what's different - and that's how you see results.?

– Jill M Spaeth