Boot Camp Information

 "Bring an extra set of arms and legs, because I intend to wear the first set out!"

-Ron West, referring to his boot camp


RUSHFitness Bootcamp is now running year round!



What: RUSH Fitness Boot Camp

When:Every Saturday Morning from 8-9am

Where: South Lakes High School
Address is ~ 11400 South Lakes Dr, Reston, VA 20191

Cost: $200.00 for the entire 8-week Session or $45 Drop-in rate

Throughout the 8 weeks, you will develop:

  •     Flexibility through dynamic warm-up and static stretching techniques
  •     Cardiovascular conditioning for better circulation and lowered blood pressure
  •     Muscle tone, strength and endurance with body weight and resistance training exercises
  •     Other effects of this program include:
  •     Clothes fitting better
  •     Better sleep and more energy during the day
  •     More focus at work and clearer thoughts
  •     Higher metabolism and increased weight loss
  •     Improved attitude

Additional health benefits:

  •     Burn more fat calories and promote healthier lifestyle
  •     Monitored program ensures safety and continued results