Ron's Bio

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As one of Northern Virginia’s most sought-after fitness experts, certified training consultants, and group fitness instructors, Ron West can best be described as the Master of Motivation. Ron pushes the limits of your outer edges by encompassing the full spectrum of conditioning activities, including: aerobic and strength conditioning, kickboxing, martial arts, core training, and yoga. Ron uses repetition, commitment, and motivation as the integral components to achieving one’s health and fitness goals. In an interview with The Observer in 2006, West said, “I’m tough. I will push you and I will make you push yourself.” Ron created RUSH Fitness in April 2004 and has been transforming lives ever since.

RUSH Fitness stands for “Rigorous (referring to his style of workout) and the Ultimate in Strength-training for your Health.” He started RUSH Fitness because he wanted to get more involved with helping people that struggled with losing weight or looking to make some type of body transformation. Ron himself is no stranger to body transformations. He described himself over 20 years ago “as a chubby man with bad eating habits and low self–esteem.” After seriously working out to lose those unwanted pounds and inches, Ron created RUSH Fitness and soon after began teaching classes and training clients. Ron’s cardio kickboxing and bootcamp classes have become his signature trademark.

His cardio kickboxing class is a total body workout. Students on average will burn 800-1000 calories in one hour. His class format incorporates jumping jacks, kicks, push-ups, squats, and throwing jabs to his own mixes of techno, rhythm and blues, club and hip hop music. His bootcamp is possibly one of the most challenging forms of outdoor activities one will endure in the civilian world. Ron’s approach is his own-- unique in design and extraordinarily creative. It is mentally and physically challenging as well as militaristic in style. His students engage in a myriad of activities from carrying logs and backpacks full of sand, running stairs, jumping hurdles, crawling under hurdles, sprints, body and stair push-ups, toning exercises with bands, etc. Both his kickboxing and bootcamp classes will challenge your cardiovascular system by strengthening your heart as well as incorporating upper and lower body strength training. Ron West’s Training Philosophy: Ron varies his workouts to keep clients engaged.

With his strength training, he saves time by doing combination moves using multiple muscle groups in each exercise, like a squat with a bicep curl. He also incorporates plyometrics and core training. Ron West’s Strength Training Principles:

  •     Perform full-body workouts two or three times a week.
  •     Use a high level of effort on each and every workout.
  •     Perform combination exercises utilizing all major muscle groups of your body.
  •     Perform each repetition in a very controlled manner so muscles move the weight-- not momentum.
  •     Move quickly between each exercise to achieve a cardiovascular benefit.

Ron West’s Best tip: Don’t wait too long to integrate healthy eating habits and consistent exercise into your daily routine. The time is now. If you don’t put your health first you’re never truly going to be happy. “Get on a regular routine. Exercise should be the cornerstone of your life, like brushing your teeth. It’s not even an option to blow it off.”

“Remember, at the end of each day what is most important to you.”  Ron's family and friends are most important to him.  The love and support that he has surrounding him daily helps him not only strive to achieve the impossible but also deepens his commitment to helping others…and, ultimately, helping YOU!”