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Today I saw I of my student from last nights kickboxing class, and was thanking her for coming to class last in the snow, she said it was a great class and glad she could make it. Then she asked me how long have I been teaching Kickboxing. I replied, I've been taking it since 1999, started teaching around 2002, she replied "very nice and see you next week".

You know, that got me to thinking about how many years/places I have actually taught kickboxing, step, awesome abs, ran bootcamps, tbc, turbo kick, body pump, a band classes etc...

When I started RushFitness in 2004, I had only one client so I had to teach GX classes to pay the bills, (because I was done with the Corporate World). So I started teaching a bunch of classes every week (40 to be exact, about 6-7 everyday) any and everywhere. Below is a list of all the places I taught Kickboxing for:

    1. Sport Health - at Greensboro, Regency, Baby Tyson, and Worldgate
    2. Elite Fitness
    3. The World Bank
    4. The George Washington University (both buildings)
    5. Fitness First - at Reston, Chantilly, Tyson, and Leesburg
    6. NRO (National Reconnaissance Office)
    7. USA Today
    8. Freddie Mac
    9. SAIC
    10. YMCA
    11. World Gym
    12. Golds Gym
    13. AOL (both campus, CC5, and Headquarters)
    14. 24 Hour Fitness
    15. Anytime Fitness
    16. Reston Community Center

As my network/client base grew I had to give all clubs up except for Reston. Now, I only teach/train for Kamp Pendelton in Reston, VA and National Restaurant Association in DC.

They said the first 5 years of starting your own business is/will be the breaking point, well I guess The Lord has bless me:-)))

Ron West
President and CEO,
RushFitness LLC